Automation and Productivity software for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing

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CablEquity™ - Watch here the Way to Productivity!
TurboTools™ announces a new release of CablEquity™ electrical system design software for cables and harnesses - part of TurboTools' OnTrackEquity™ technology: solutions for design, documentation, and management of Hardware Electrical Systems. It automates the entire design flow and guides engineers from designing their first cable or harness assembly through the completion of complicated electrical interconnects and system-wide circuits for large, highly integrated systems. The new release includes features and functionalities that are not exist in any similar products. CablEquity™ automatically generates: wiring diagrams, electrical wiring systems, harness drawings and wiring drawings (wiring diagrams).
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Free Trial of CablEquity™!
We invite you to download the full version trial CD of CablEquity. The trial download is an exact copy of the CD that you will receive when you purchase the product. When you decide to purchase during the trial period you won't have to reinstall when your CD arrives in the mail. You can unlock this version with a valid license and continue working.
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Lead-Free, and Problem Free with CablEquity™
CablEquity incorporates a comprehensive database containing all components' data, including RoHS information. This allows an engineer to see component information and RoHS compliance data while selecting components.
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We Support Green
If you are developing Clean Technologies for:
- Ocean Wave or Wind Energy
- Electrical Vehicles
- Solar Power
- Biofuels
- N2 Cells
- Other Green projects
Green turboMania™ and CablEquity™ will minimize design time and save you money!
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System CAD - New Generation of EDA Tools
The next generation of products from TurboTools™ that go beyond the capabilities of traditional EDA applications. The SystemEquity™ family is defining the new market segment for EDA tools called System CAD or SCAD. TurboTools views SCAD as an entirely new method of managing system design and manufacturing processes.
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Available out-of-box
TurboTools™ offers complete families of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) components embedded into the CablEquity Database from the most recognizable and well known manufacturers such as Tyco (AMP), Deutsch, Delphi, Amphenol, Glenair, Molex, Phoenix, ITT Cannon, Yazaki, Sumitomo, FCI, Lemo, Alpha Wires, Belden, etc. Using these manufacturers' components CablEquity generates electrical cable assemblies and electrical schematics documents.
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